DSG Tuning

Transmission Control Unit

We are all aware of the performance benefit and reliability of the VAG DSG Gearbox. We are now proud to announce that K-Spec is able to offer our valued clients further improvement on their DSG equipped vehicles. DSG tuning is the new wonder in the performance world, aside from complimenting your engine tune, it provides the following benefits:

  • Faster Up-Shift times
  • Increased launch control
  • Increased torque
  • Extended rpm change points
  • Faster downshift times
  • Improved acceleration

With all of the above we are able to programme different setting for your different driving modes, namely Drive, Sport and Tip-Tronic. In addition, even if you already have a Tune from another Tuning house, the DSG Tune will not affect this tune as the programming is done directly onto the actual gearbox.

The DSG Flash is completely safe and reliable. DSG Tuning is truly the next step in performance tuning.