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Economy tuning

When remapping for economy we ensure the power and available torque is usable from a lower rpm, therefore more available power without the need for hard acceleration to get up to your desired speed. Take note even economy leads to power gains, just useable at a different rpm range.

Performance tuning

The difference with our tuning is that the power is constantly rising, meaning no drop in power throughout the rev-range. This result is a smooth progressive power curve, providing relentless power and ultimately happy customers!

Race remapping

When mapping for race days, we generally use Race fuel and maximize the output. We remap for the different types of race days, be it track or strip.

Stage tuning

Most tuners talk of a stage 1 or stage 2 remap, all this really is the different level of modifications added to the car. Here at K-Spec all maps are custom tuned, taking into account your modifications, therefore no need for a “stage” tune. All files are created to be the ultimate for your vehicles engine potential.

Diagnostic and fault finding

We offer diagnostic and fault finding services. This is pretty self-explanatory, however the difference if we do not find the fault, you do not pay.

Combination of Performance and Economy

Here we try to maximize performance whilst trying to maintain economy. This is a blend of the two.

  • All tuning is created custom for each specific vehicle by continuously data logging and writing files which correspond to the logged data. This will ensure that all files are specifically formulated to reach the vehicles true potential. Upon request, all cars can be arranged to be dyno tested before and after remapping takes place.
  • In addition, all K-Spec software is undetectable to the dealer diagnostics; however for extra peace of mind, all original files can be loaded upon request and reloaded after the vehicle has visited the dealer. This service is free of charge.
  • The customer also pays once of for the service of a remap, and should any additional modifications be done, we will gladly create another file incorporating the modifications at no extra cost to the customer for as long as the customer is the owner of that specific vehicle. We are also able to arrange finance for our customer’s upon request.
  • Should you require any further information of service offerings kindly email